Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Photos by: Robert Ribič

I think the whole obsession about the capes started when models at Burberry fashion show wore them with imprinted initials. And of course when Olivia Palermo styled it up with those gorgeous Aquazzura boots. Of course I bought one for myself as well, this beauty is from Zara and this gorgeous boots are AlexanderWangxH&M.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014


Photos by: Robert Ribič

Shoes from Michael Kors // Trousers and jacket from Zara // Bag from Primark

Hey! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, I am not because I have to study  :(
Anyway, last week I bought these MK for my mom, but since we are the same size I had to try them on and they are not so bad at all. I am not into Michael Kors so much, maybe because he is so common on the streets, or he is just not my style. But with these...let's just say it is not the last time I borrowed them.

Dance a lot

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Photos by: Robert Ribič

Dress here // Shoes from River Island

A lot of party dresses lately, but december is coming so we have to prepare haha. The dress is stunning because of it's tutu and the blue colour and the back of the dress...It's a shame I can't show you more, it got so cold outside and we had to stop the shooting. Visit their site to see more.

Dance a lot

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Photos by: Robert Ribič

Dress here // Shoes from River Island // Bag from H&M

Hey! I am absolutely in love with this dress. I'm probably going to wear it for a new year's party lol. Special thanks to Motel rocks for sending it to me. I would rather style it up with some black heels, but it's all I had with me this time, beige will also do, I guess. Let me know how you like the dress?

Dance a lot

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Photos: Robert Ribič

What I am reading today is not just a usual newspaper it's Karl Lagerfeld's newspaper called Karl daily. So, this is haute off the press, you can read all about Karl, about his new collection Choupette (collection inspired by his cat), about his limited edition collection and everything what's going on with his brand. This is a really young brand with fresh and innovative ideas, it is a bit more expensive, but still affordable. If you want your copy of Karl Daily, come and get it here.

Thursday, 30 October 2014


So this weekend I was a tourist in Vienna all over again. We visited Schönbrunn park and zoo, which are amazing by the way, if you haven't been I recommend you to go the next time you have a chance. Than we went to Prater (it's an amusement park) and of course at the end of the day to Vapiano. We also had a chance to eat the oldest Wiener Schnitzell at Figlmüller, it was delicious :)